First Time? Everything  (literally everything) you need to know!


Trying a new work out and studio can be nerve-racking. There are so many questions running through you mind.. what do I wear, what do I bring, what do I do once I arrive? We are here to make your experience as easy and comfortable as possible! So, let’s break down it down!

1. Before you go!

First- you must be 13 years of age to ride. We encourage all fitness levels, but if you are new to working out, we recommend consulting your physician. Cycling is a low impact workout, so it can be a great option if you have joint issues or old injuries.

Second- Make an account online! You can either do this on our website, or download our Jibe app. You must have an account to ride. You will be asked questions about name, emergency contact, billing ect. The weight is ONLY for your metrics.. no-one will see this but you! Also, be sure to read the terms and conditions before you check the box! This will give you information about our policies.

Third- Select your credit/ membership option. You must purchase credits before you book a class. We  offer a 1st month unlimited for $99. This is a great way to try the studio for a month.

Fourth- Book your class! Select the class you would like to attend, and chose your bike. We recommend picking a bike toward the back to start, as it can be helpful to watch more experienced riders in front. Once you are a pro, move on up!

2. Day Of Class

The day of, make sure to hydrate, and eat something light 30—45 minutes before your ride.

What to wear/ Bring: Wear a sporting shirt or tank and form-fitting pants or shorts. Avoid loose-fitting long pants as you could risk getting caught in the flywheel. Also... make sure to bring socks and a water bottle. We require that all riders clip in to the bikes, but we provide complimentary shoes. We also provide sweat and shower towels as well as bath products if you chose to shower.

When to arrive: We recommend new riders arrive 15 minutes before class. This will give you enough time to check in with the front desk, get a tour, and get properly set up on the bike.

3. When you Arrive

First- Check in at the front desk. Your name will be highlighted to indicate you are new! Please initial next to your name to sign in and take note of your bike number. The front desk will grab you shoes, and give you a tour of the studio.

Second- Get Ready! We provide lockers with combination locks for your convenience.. please leave all street shoes, phones and bags upstairs. None are allowed in the spin room. Make use of our water filling station, bathroom, and grab an extra hair elastic or earplugs if you need them!

Third- Once the spin room door is open, you are welcome to head downstairs to the spin room. Wait to put your spin shoes on until you get downstairs. They can be a little challenging to walk in! Once you get your shoes on and get to your bike, the instructor or a member of the front desk will make sure you are set up properly. A sweat towel will be on your bike, and a set of hand weights. Make sure you swap them out if you would like a different size!

4. In Class

Do whatever you feel comfortable with! It is your ride, your body and you know how hard to push. We do a lot of choreography, so as a first timer it can be helpful to observe your first time. We encourage you to hoot and hollar... be loud if you feel it!

5. After Class

Leave your bike as is! We will take care of cleaning it. Drop your sweat towel in the drop downstairs, shoes go upstairs in the shoe drop! You will get an email a couple minutes after class with your metrics so you can see how you did! Now is the time to give yourself a HUGE pat on the back, because you just crushed your first ride, and are now an official member of the tribe!

Next up: Sign up for your second class!