Studio Rules


Yes we know… but we do have a couple guidelines we want to make sure YOU are aware of, to ensure your you safety, to keep you in the know, and to be respectful of other riders.

We will try to make it as painless as possible;

  • Bikes are released 3 min before class if there is a waitlist. If you are running late, please call us so we don’t release your bike. We know you were looking for a reason to add Jibe to your list of favorite contacts.. 
  • Please initial the sign in sheet EVEN IF the front desk acknowledges you. We depend on this to make sure we know who is in studio.. it also ensures you don’t get a no show charge!
  • Spin Room Door- If this is closed, please do not go down. We are working hard to flip the room, and the instructor is setting up for the next class. As soon as the door is open, your are welcome to head down!
  • Riders who are not on their bikes at the start of class may enter the spin room at the end of the 1st song. No riders will be admitted to the spin room after the 2nd song starts. This is a safety issue, as it is a dark room and it t can be very distracting  for riders when someone comes in late.
  • NO PHONES PLEASE! No phones are allowed in the spin room. If you are on call or are expecting an important phone call, please leave your phone with the front desk. The spin room is a place to disconnect for 45 minutes. Because we ride in the dark, light from phones can not only be distracting to the riders around you, but also to the instructor.
  • Let’s Get Loud! While this is not a rule.. we love it when riders hoot and hollar! Energy increases, you support your fellow riders, and it just feels good!!
  • Please no gum or food in the spin room. Our staff clean the bikes after every class and we don’t appreciate sticky surprises! Also.. bikes are assigned.. just sayin’ ..
  • In an effort to be green and save water, please limit you shower towels to no more then two!
  • Talk to your fellow riders! We love community, and you never know what you will have in common with each other! It is amazing to see the friendships that have grown out of Jibe.. let’s continue this trend!

OK.. not so bad, right?

We so appreciate you, and want to continue to give you the highest quality facility and ride. Please be considerate of the desk staff and your fellow riders.. we are all at Jibe for the same goal, to be better together.

Now, go sign up for class!