Meet Lindsey


Meet Lindsey. Rider from the beginning, this busy mom finds time to jump on the bike when she is not in the lab working working on her PHD doing cardiology research, or running her super successful instagram, raising awareness for #mamasinscience. Check her out!

·      What does Jibe mean to you?

Jibe is a lifestyle I choose for myself: just as we need to eat to nourish our bodies, I need to Jibe to nurture my soul. Jibe fosters an environment where everybody is reminded of just how physically able they really are (whether they know it or not!). In a world that is filled with stress, competition, chaos, hate, struggle, and unpredictability, it becomes easy to forget just how strong and able we really are. Jibe has become my therapy, my self-care, the place I go to sharpen all of tools for coping and succeeding outside of the studio. Jibe has provided just the right balance of physical and motivational challenges and has welcomed me into a supportive community of fellow riders, people I consider my friends and family! Jibe is my haven, a safe space for you and for me, to be just as we are!


·      How has Jibe changed you?


As someone who is inherently overly competitive and critical of myself, finding the right environment and form of exercise used to be challenging. My job as a scientist, teacher and mother requires me to be on my game 24/7. While I love all of these pieces of my identity, it can also be incredibly stressful, and I often find myself in a position where I feel like I can’t sustain what I have going on. Working out used to be a perpetuation of an even more negative mindset, just another area to feel like I was never succeeding at the level I wanted to be at…that is, until Jibe. My time training at Jibe has taught me how to slow down, how to be present in the moment, and allow somebody else to set a controlled pace! This sounds counterintuitive, but by relinquishing this need for control, I have uncovered a new, much more confident version of myself that I didn’t know I had! I also feel it’s important for others to know that I am not the best-performing rider—but I am the rider that shows up at the crack of dawn, sits in the front row, and rides consistently 3-4+ times a week. Jibe has taught me so much about mindfulness, positive self-talk and redefining what I think I’m capable of (both in and outside the studio)! Jibe has also taught me HOW to leave it all on the bike, and how to remind myself that that is enough, I am enough. This is why I Jibe.