It’s All in a Name


Jibe. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? When I started gathering ideas for a studio, the name was always in the back of my mind. There were several things that I wanted to convey. I wanted to name to signify a sense of community, I wanted it to be MEANINFUL, and original.

This is not an easy task! My type A personality drives me to perfection.. and the name was of utmost importance. I had a notebook I carried with me everywhere (instructors and front desk staff know this is something I still do) with a list of 30-40 names. NOTHING fit. I had googled bike parts, bike terms, ( both in multiple languages), motivational words, musical adjectives.. the list goes on. I had always heard of these great companies having ‘aha’ moments, and I was wondering when mine would come.

And then it did…

I grew up sailing, and I knew I wanted the name to have some connection to Portland and the water. The day that I looked up sailing terms, I knew I had it. For those of you who know nothing about sailing, a jibe is a way for a sailboat to change direction. It is the most difficult and sometimes dangerous way, as you need to change with the wind, not against this. It requires control and skill. ( to give you some context, a tack is a change against the wind, and tends to be the preferred, easiest)

As I was currently working as a national sales manager, in a field I was respected in and felt COMFORTABLE in.. this studio was going to be a change and a risk. But not only that, finding something new on everyone’s fitness journey can be a change, a risk.  Furthermore, Jibe has an alternative meaning..  to be in accord with. I wanted to convey a place where riders are in sync, and lift each other up while acting as one.  Out these dual meanings, Jibe was born.




    1. To alter course; to change direction.

    2. To be in harmony; to be in sync.