Jibe Instructor: Shelby


Big vibes and tunes to sing are what you’ll get in Shelby’s classes. As a hardcore musical theater kid growing up, she has always turned to music and dancing as an escape. Jibe was the first place she took a cycling class, and she instantly fell in love. She began to rely on those 45 minutes (the ride, the Jibe team, and the community) every day. Her passion as an instructor is to share that energy and escape that is given to her in class, with other riders.

Outside of the studio, you can find Shelby wrapping up her pharmacy school education, trying craft cocktails around the city of Portland, and working on personal growth. She will encourage and support your growth from the time you walk into the room to the time you walk out and hope you take that with you outside of Jibe.

"Stronger than when we started."