Jibe Instructor: Tanner


Born and raised in the Green Mountains of VT, Tanner moved to Portland after college. He began as a rider with Jibe for a few years and quickly fell in love with this community. In 2023, Tanner decided that he wanted to take things to the next level and become a leader in the spin room. In Tanner's class, you can expect sass and high energy! He loves pop divas and disco; his classes are a balance of hype and motivational energy. 

Outside of the studio, Tanner works in non-profit fundraising and has a real passion for improving our community in Southern Maine. Along with a career in fundraising, Tanner does local Portland event planning for the LGBTQ+ community, centered around community building & engagement. Tanner is also an avid skier, hiker, and road cyclist. Tanner wants riders to know that Jibe is a safe and accepting place for you to come spin and express yourself as you are! 
"Power is not given to you. You have to take it."