How the Waitlist Works!


So the class you wanted to take is full…now what?

You could give up and decide better luck next time, OR you could add yourself to the waitlist!

Now, you're probably thinking.. what are my chances of getting in? Pretty darn good actually…we are going to take you through the waitlist process step by step and show you that it works!

Regardless of the reason.. you forgot to set your alarm for 12pm Sunday to book, or your schedule opened up and the class you wanted is full and you have found yourself on the waitlist. The app will tell you what number you are in line but do not let this number scare you! We have had classes with a 20 person waitlist whittle down to only 2 or 3, meaning 17 people got into the class off the wait!

Due to our 12 hour cancellation policy, riders are incentivized to cancel their class at least 12 hours prior to the class, so as the week goes on and riders have schedule changes, they will cancel their reservations.. and you guessed it, that means lucky riders on the waitlist get moved into the class.

If you have gotten in off the waitlist, you will be emailed, and assigned the available spot.  The app will also show that you are in the class. If  the bike is not to your liking, you can always ask the front desk at check in if you are able to switch bikes. Sometimes the class will have opened up, or another rider may want to switch with you.

Waitlisted riders are automatically added to the class UP TO 1 hour before the start time. If you are a waitlisted rider and you can no longer attend the class, please cancel yourself off the wait. Our cancellation policy applies to all riders in the class. 

If you still have not gotten into the class with one hour to go, you can do two things:

  1. Call the front desk to see if any bikes have opened up- Riders will often late cancel as last minute things come up... freeing additional bikes.
  2. Show up! There is no guarantee, but for most classes a waitlisted rider who shows up will get in. 

Bikes are release 3 minutes prior to class, so if there are riders who no-show, those who are waiting for bikes will get in.

So in conclusion, Key Takeaways:

  1. The Waitlist Works!
  2. If you can’t ride, cancel yourself off the waitlist.
  3. Show up if you haven’t gotten in.

Happy Booking!